We’ve got some very exciting news to share!

We are so thrilled and grateful to announce The Arsenal Foundation are funding and supporting our events for the next three years. Whoop whoop!!! Thank you… we are all so excited 🙂

We are also fortunate to be working alongside The Arsenal Football club on their inclusion days at the Emirates Stadium.

This is what we got up to on our first  Inclusion Day

  • We listened to how a song is layered and recorded. We learnt to identify and compose our own layers. This is what we used:
  • We kept time to a click track and added our own body percussion to create the beat.
  • We learnt to play the ukulele in 2 different styles…..plucking and strumming. We then learnt to play 4 chords on the ukulele. We then recorded what we had learnt.
  • We added some untuned percussion sounds and sound effects from the ukulele, guitar and viola.
  • We chose our own buzz words from a list of football based words like, pitch, score, kick off, half time, support, etc.
  • We then recorded our chosen words in a way that fitted with our newly recorded backing track and this is the result…….
  • We called it Goal because we had all achieved something.


These inclusion days are open to any person with Learning Difficulties and are free to attend a variety of creative workshop events on the day. This gives them the opportunity to sample a wide range of exciting and diverse activities.

We will keep you posted as to when the next event will be held and how to apply.

Watch this space!!!




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