Introducing our Gold candidate – Jessica – Violinist and puppet creator.

This creative young lady, Jessica, has already completed her Arts Award Bronze and Silver with us and has chosen to return yet again, but this time to challenge herself further with an Arts Award Gold.

This is no small challenge and requires much more time and a substantial amount of independent input.

Jessica’s primary artform is the Violin.


Jessica has proved herself to be a very quick learner and a natural with this instrument.

Jessica visited a string workshop, Hill and Company for her work experience. What an experience!

Arts Award Gold, enables her to further develop those skills as well as taking on another unrelated art form to develop skills in.

Jessica has chosen Puppetry as her second art form and worked with professional artist, Anji Archer to create her own puppets using traditional methods and materials.

Jessica will be performing her puppetry, which will be filmed. She is also with composing a musical score to be added to the film and leading the Silver candidates on the project to gather other musical responses to her production.

We are very excited to see the outcome. This is quite a task and requires complex skills that Jessica has already been demonstrating. Stay tuned… we will share the final version once Jessica gives it the green light:)


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