Introducing our Silver candidates – Vwede The Drummer


This creative young man, Vwede, has already completed his Arts Award Bronze with us and has chosen to return again, but this time to challenge himself further with a Arts Award Silver.

Vwede, we very quickly realised, was an natural drummer. Firstly, he showed us his skills with the African drum, the Djembe.

Vwede, though, was particularly interested in using sticks with his drumming and whenever it was possible, he would choose to play the Kit Drum over Djembe every time.

Vwede has had a private session with an amazing kit drummer, Bob Ayre.

‘It was a joy to share my kit drumming experience with such a talented, enthusiastic & highly personable young man.’ Bob Ayre, Kit Drummer

He has also been fortunate to have a Djembe and Dundun lesson with African percussion teacher and professional Malcolm Smith and then join the drum circle with more advanced players (He really held his own!).

‘His playing is remarkable: so natural and effortless, with impeccable timing.’ Malcolm Smith.

We are so very excited to see him perform at the end of the course alongside his friends and creative collaborators.


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