Creative Arts Day – Another fun packed day of sharing

We have three big sharing events throughout our course each year and our second one, Creative Arts Day was yet again lots of fun and jam packed with creative happenings. Here are a few highlights…

Everyone was welcomed into the room with live music from our amazing musicians, including our Arts Award Silver candidates and our Arts Award Gold candidate (more about how they are getting on soon).


There were three different workshops to interact with…

Drumming and Dance

We played Djembe in all sorts of different ways and our dancing responded to those sounds. At the end of the session we made a giant animal with us all moving together as one and making lots of loud sounds.

Rock and Pop

We learnt about all the the instruments and the different types of sound we could make with them. We made lots of noise and had loads of fun together.

Visual Arts

We made an African hut out of witthies, and different types of material, some we decorated ourselves. We really enjoyed all the different textures and being able to go inside our big artwork.

We finished the day sharing our work and then all joining in to a goodbye party of  dancing to Duelling Banjos, with no Banjos in the room at all!


What a great day!


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