Sharing the love…

We know what we get from this project and we have a fair idea of how our amazing young people feel about being part of The Funky Pie Team, but don’t just take our word for it…

“This is an inspirational centre & a very moving experience to see the young people tackle their Arts Award. These young people have challenges with communication that they have overcome with great style…

… Their final piece of work was exceptional. they should be very proud of their journey. Well done.”

Danusia Iwaszko 

Trinity Arts Award Moderator


” Your team have done a splendid job helping all these young people, all with complex needs… to choreograph dances, make music, write songs, do light drawings and paintings, all expressions of the original stimulus, a poem about space. The portfolios are well organised and the evidence on the blogs was sufficient to reveal how well they got involved, overcame their physical or emotional challenges and deserved their bronze awards.”

Roy Nevitt

Trinity Arts Award Moderator


“The young people had explored a range of new art forms across the music spectrum from song writing to forming their own band. They were confident and loved talking/sharing about their experiences… Masterclasses were well planned and delivered. Well done. Excellent stuff.”

Emma Ghafur

Trinity Arts Award Moderator



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