Animated delights!

It’s come to that time in the term where we can proudly unveil the new animated works from our brilliant young people. They really have surpassed themselves.

See below for more information on the making of these animations… you might be quite surprised what these young people have achieved to get one of these beauties created.

GandB A Space Journey Final from The Funky Pie Company on Vimeo.

Larwood A Space Journey Final from The Funky Pie Company on Vimeo.

Watling View Space Journey final from The Funky Pie Company on Vimeo.

We began the process with a story,  ‘A Space Journey’. Experimenting with illustrating key elements using plasticine as our medium of choice, focusing on Space Rockets, Planets, Meteors, Stars, Galaxies and the like, we decided how we could tell the story by animating the plasticine designs. How does it move, how can we go from one scene to another, how do we work as a team?

The young people had full control on how they wanted to achieve this, and they were in charge of building, animating, photographing and ultimately directing their own film. The young people also decided to animate their own ‘Alien’ characters and names to be used as the credits at the end of the piece.

Once complete, the young people discussed their work and make suggestions on how it can be improved such as faster, slower add sound. Then they focused on building the sound elements to compliment their visuals.

The focus for the sound was to take three elements, one acoustic (Violins and Double Bass) and two electronic (Soundbeam and Theramin) and think about how to layer sound. The young people were tasked to identifying open and stopped harmonics on the violin and how they were played, noticing the difference in sound generated. They also explored the science of sound with the Theramin, developing an understanding of how it works.

With their newly developed skills, the young people were then encouraged to work as an ensemble on improvised composition, each young person taking a lead role and all understanding the importance of watching, listening and also silence.

These improvised compositions were developed over the course of the term and the ultimate achievement – each film score was eventually performed and recorded live! There was no editing required, merely fading in and out of the relevant clips to accommodate the visuals. Truly outstanding work!



4 thoughts on “Animated delights!

  1. Wow! We have just seen the finished animations and how fantastic they are. Jo and Judy you have done incredible work in compiling them and all our hard work has paid off. Hearing Charlie and Lisa read When you Wish.. was extremely moving! The animations fantastic and the music complemented them so well. We have had a fantastic term and thank you for everything you have done for us. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you both. Chris

  2. Samantha – Samantha commented that she particularly like the worm in the animation! She really liked seeing her name as that is something she enjoyed doing a lot.

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